Kyle Anderson
June 18, 2012 AT 06:28 PM EDT

One of indie rock’s most obsessed-over songwriters is back, and she has brought her travel journal with her.

Chan Marshall, known to the world as Cat Power, will be dropping a new album, Sun, on September 4. It’s her first full-length outing since 2008’s Jukebox and first batch of original material since 2006’s lauded The Greatest.

According to her label, Matador Records, Marshall recorded these songs all over the world, including at a studio she built in Malibu, California — and “Ruin,” the album’s first single, has a definite breezy ’70s SoCal quality to it.

Of course, few of those ’70s songs referenced hunger problems in Calcutta (mostly they were about having sex with your bandmate’s wife and trying to find more cocaine).

Give “Ruin” a spin below.

Pretty groovy, no? It certainly steps out of the slow-and-low passion that turned tracks like “Lived in Bars” into indie mix staples.

According to the YouTube page above where the video was unveiled, there’s also a track on Sun called “Cherokee,” and we’re going to go ahead and make this request now: If the official video for that song doesn’t resemble this mind-bending bit from The Sonny & Cher Show, then there will be some seriously disappointed EW staffers.

What do you think of “Ruin”? Jangle and mumble in the comments.


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