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Paul McCartney is 70 today: What's your favorite Fab Macca song?

Paul McCartney

(Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney celebrates his 70th birthday today. So how exactly should one celebrate the septuagenarian-ization of a man responsible for helping create pop music as we know it, and bringing us the best animated cartoon about singing frogs ever created?

Somehow, a Hallmark card and a Best Buy voucher didn’t seem to quite cut the mustard (particularly as Sir Paul could probably buy Best Buy with the loose change in his pocket). Instead, we thought we would ask you to name your favorite-ever McCartney track, be it a Beatles tune, a number from Wings, or something from his now more than four decade-long solo career.

To get things started, you’ll find a selection of great Paul pop below:

And because this video still puts a smile on my face…

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