Abby West
June 20, 2012 AT 11:09 PM EDT

We may not be able to tell you how to get to Sesame Street, but we can tell you that the iconic children’s show will be making its way to the big screen again. Sources close to the project confirm that director Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum) and 20th Century Fox are taking on the third feature film outing for Children’s Television Workshop’s landmark program — as The Hollywood Reporter first reported. But it is still very early in the process — too early to say exactly what direction it’s going in or who should be the focus. But we’ve got some ideas for that.

The first movie, Follow that Bird (1985), shined the spotlight on the big yellow bird who’s a friend to everyone. And by the time Elmo in Grouchland (1999) came along, the little red puppet with that earworm of a laugh was the hottest thing going. (The countless hours my young son spent watching that movie was only made tolerable by my enjoyment of Mandy Patinkin’s broad performance as the bad guy who learns a lesson.)

So whose turn do you think it is to take the lead? My vote goes to Bert and Ernie . You want to talk about pop-culture staying power? Just last year, Sesame Street had to issue a release saying that contrary to popular opinion the two roommates were not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Vote in our poll below!

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