Anthony Breznican
June 20, 2012 AT 07:36 AM EDT

How did Mike and Sulley end up working on the scare floor in Monsters, Inc.?

As the trailer for the new prequel Monsters University suggests, well … maybe they would have landed better jobs if they’d studied more and pranked each other less in college. But hey, who can’t say the same?

Check out some new photos and the trailer(s). Yes, that’s plural … sort of.

The teaser for the movie, which opens June 20, 2013, actually has four variations, each one with different gags of Mike Wazowski, a.k.a. the giant, green eyeball-with-legs, muttering in his sleep. Monsters University director Dan Scanlon said it was too hard to choose just one from voice actor Billy Crystal’s many improvisations, so they went with four.

This will be Pixar’s first prequel, predating the events in Monsters Inc. and showing the somewhat rocky early relationship between Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman, also reprising his role from the original.)

While they haven’t changed all that much from the first time we saw them in 2002, the film offers subtle variations: Mike has braces, for one, and Sulley seems to have not yet packed on that freshman 15 weight gain.

No need to look under the bed and in closets for the videos, we’ve got them all here.





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