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Steve Carell returns to 'Daily Show' as an author -- VIDEO

Where can I buy 50 Shades of Yams?

That was my takeaway from Steve Carell’s appearance on his old stomping grounds. Carell, who committed to his “serious author” look with glasses and a five-o’clock shadow, visited Jon Stewart and The Daily Show to share that while he “dabbled” in acting, he was really a full-time author.

Kicking off with his work The Last Pharaoh: Egypt’s transition from the Mubarak era, Carell took Stewart through several of his books, ending with a callback to the popular Daily Show segment Produce Pete. If we’re putting in book requests for old Carell characters, I’m still holding out hope for Somehow I Manage.

Sure, the whole thing was a joke promoting Carell’s upcoming film, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, but note to Daily Show producers (and book agents!): I’d be interested in reading all of these stories – especially that Steve Jobs one.

Watch the interview below:

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