Marc Snetiker
June 22, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”It was, like, the normal Adam Sandler — dirty and stuff, but it wasn’t, like, his dirtiest. If I was in high school I would have thought this movie was the s—.” —Darryl Villalobos, 30

”I don’t know if normal adults would like this. I don’t know how universally appealing it is. [This is] probably for people who grew up watching Adam Sandler movies. It’s good for, like, a date night or going out with your friends and seeing a stupid movie.” —Eddie Lee, 24

”[My girlfriend] actually really wanted to see it. She’s embarrassed, but she wanted to see it pretty badly. I wanted to see Prometheus. It was still good. I enjoyed it.” —Keith Weaver, 27

”It was awesome. The bachelor party was hilarious. Oh, and the baseball scene. And the girl at the strip club also. She was mad disgusting. Yeah, I’ll probably tweet about it.” —Kyle Rodriguez, 18

”My girlfriend wouldn’t come with me. I knew it would be funny, but she didn’t want to waste her money. I don’t think she would have liked it anyway. Too many d— jokes. There were lots of gross jokes. They were all hilarious.” —Brandon Bennett, 24

”Andy Samberg was really funny. I’ve been obsessed with him since ‘D— in a Box.’ He has that quirky, kind of dumb charm. He’s really hot, too. There were a lot of bros in the audience — like, bros that are definitely going to go play beer pong right now and quote the movie for the rest of the night.” —Laura Mann, 23

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