Annie Barrett
June 26, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Just a theory I’ve been floating. Such chiseled faces!

NBC was back with another hour-long prime-time telecast of U.S. Olympic swimming trials Tuesday night. Brendan Hansen (right) and Eric Shanteau finished 1-2 to qualify for the 100m breaststroke as Hansen’s longtime nemesis and Shanteau’s Japanese training buddy Kosuke Kitajima — portrayed as quite the evil troll by commentators Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines — lurked in the shadowy stands above the pool. He even clapped when the race was over. That imp!

Two more finals Tuesday night: Dana Vollmer and first-time Olympian (!) Claire Donahue finished first and second in the Women’s 100m butterfly, and Allison Schmitt and 2008 Open Water Olympian Claire Sutton qualified for the Women’s 400m free.

Ha ha: All three of the qualifying pairs consisted of a long, lean giant and a mini-me while talking/panting after the races with Andrea Kremer.

Tonight (Wednesday): It’s the HUGE men’s 200m freestyle final — another showdown between Michael Phelps and Ryan “Blue Cap” Lochte. Lochte edged out Phelps by two hundreths of a second in Tuesday’s semis — this after beating Phelps in Monday’s 400m IM. Also coming up tonight: Natalie Coughlin vs. 17-year-old Missy Franklin in the backstroke final.

Outstanding commercial: Well, I am definitely considering the Panasonic Toughpad tablet now that I know it can withstand this!


1. Which temporary blight was worse: Ryan Lochte’s diamond grill or Michael Phelps’ ‘stache?

2. Should Mandi and I douse each other with Vitamin Water while blogging the real Olympics?

3. If one-time It Girl Amanda Beard was neither mentioned nor shown, was she really there?

4. Was this man suffering from major bathing cap envy or was he happy with his fashion hat?

5. The Thin Blue Line that shows world record pace: deadly/frustrating or exciting/helpful?

6. Is Kosuke Kitajima lurking somewhere in YOUR house right now? Don’t look!

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