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Sandra Gonzalez
June 28, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

On CW’s Breaking Pointe, Allison DeBona and her fellow dancers at Ballet West have spent the last four episodes prepping to hit the stage for a big show, a journey that starts to wind down tonight in the reality show’s penultimate episode.

But the DeBona’s journey to performance night has been a rocky one, and, as viewers saw last week, one that hasn’t always shown her during at her best moments. In fact, on the advice of friends and family, the dancer didn’t watch the last episode, which showed her fraying at the edges during a high-pressure dress rehearsal. “[They] told me it was tough, and I remember those moment clear as the day because they were tough to go through the first time,” she says. “I can say that’s the first time as a professional ballet dancer that I’ve ever felt insecure on stage.”

Between her challenges last week and her season-long complicated relationship with fellow dancer Rex (which, on screen, has painted him as the hopeless romantic and her as hesitant) DeBona has found herself on the receiving end of some harsh words from fans. And it’s been “a little tough to get used to.” “Hearing a lot of negativity coming your way, it affects you,” she admits. “But I have so much support from my friends my family and my boss. It’s been tough, but I’m learning a lot about myself.”

DeBona is hopeful that the last two episodes, one of which introduces her family and tells a little more of her personal backstory, help clear up a few of the misconceptions that have been made about her. But above all, she hopes the performance highlights the dedication the dancers have — even in the face of personal obstacles. “You’re going to see us on stage, which is what people were waiting for this entire time,” she said. “You’ll see why we put so much time and effort into what we’re doing. When you become a professional dancer, you need to remember why you do this. You do it because you love it…And you have to make sure people are going to enjoy it enough to come back.”

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