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Jimmy Fallon works out with LMFAO for 'The Spin Class Song'

Jimmy Fallon is sexy and he knows it.

The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon host broke out a fro-tastic wig, sparkly tights, and some exercise bikes Wednesday to join LMFAO for “The Spin Class Song.”

Right now, we can’t tell which is more embarrassing: the fact that we’re now considering going as LMFAO’s Redfoo for Halloween, or the fact that it took us a while to even realize “The Spin Class Song” is not a real LMFAO song? It certainly has all the makings of an LMFAO track, with dance beats, hand claps, and trance-y synthesizers up the wazoo. Plus, a guy in a robot costume and a golden thong (at the same time!) shows up to do his best party rock shuffle. If that doesn’t scream potential Top 40 hit, I don’t know what does.

Fallon may have peppered his rap couplets with current pop culture references – One Direction and Fifty Shades of Grey get name-checked here – but Fallon’s LMFAO appreciation dates back to early March, when he and Bruce Springsteen covered “Sexy and I Know It” on his show. Watch the spectacle below:

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