Claudette Barius
Grady Smith
June 30, 2012 AT 07:13 PM EDT

Growing up, my mom had just one rule when it came to the movies: my brothers and I were only allowed to go to the theater on a rainy day.

In her mind, there was no reason to sit indoors in front of a silver screen when you could be playing outside in the sunshine.

I remember this rule causing quite the temper tantrum when we wanted to go see Good Burger, but the meteorologist had incorrectly predicted it would be a rainy day. Can I take you orrrder? Yeah, rage!

This weekend, the American populace is suggesting that my mom’s thought process might be the opposite of common thinking, though. As a heat wave sweeps across the majority of America, driving temperatures above 100 degrees in many states, simultaneously, the box office is sizzling at unprecedented levels. BoxOfficeMojo points out that Friday was the first day in box office history during which four movies each grossed over $10 million.

Some EW commenters are suggesting that it’s the heat driving moviegoers into theaters’ cool, air-conditioned auditoriums, but that’s tough to say definitively. The fact is that moviegoers clearly wanted to see a wise-cracking teddy bear and Channing Tatum in a thong regardless of weather — though the heat may be helping the box office cause.

Let me turn this over to you, readers. In a country where air-conditioning isn’t all that hard to come by, does the sweltering heat make you more likely to go to the theater? Vote in the poll below:

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