The greatest songs of summer will be... |


The greatest songs of summer will be...

It takes a hitmaker to know one — so who better than our panel of pop experts to predict which tracks will meet the hot 100 mercury this coming season?

Nicki Minaj ”Starships”

”The way she approached rapping on this was really creative, and the way she styles on it is just flavorful. It has that global-anthem vibe.” Common (Rapper-Actor)

”I enjoyed the song, but to me it was more of a kickboxing class, angry-at-your-ex-boyfriend kind of thing. It’s almost a little too frantic to be a summer jam. Still, I give her props for being completely out there and not being afraid to do what she wants to do. It’s inspiring.” Ingrid Michaelson (Smart Songstress)

”I love this song. The first time I heard it, it kind of rattled my brain because of the odd arrangement. But now I turn it up. It’s my favorite Nicki song so far.” Ryan Tedder (Top 40 Maestro)

She’s really evolved. And she’s become so well-known vocally that she can afford to do different characters and voices in her songs and people still know that it’s her.” Jessie J (Pop Vixen)

fun. ”Some Nights”

”I love how he goes, ”I found a martyr in my bed.” The way he approaches the vocal track, the style of it, is really unique and clever. The song reminds me of something you might hear when you go to the theater — maybe The Lion King. And I like that.” Common

”Their songs are so anthemic, and they have this undercurrent of joy and empowerment. I just love harmonies. I’m a total geek.” Michaelson

”This track makes you think, and that’s what makes a great pop song — amazing melodies teamed with lyrics that have actual substance. Bring on more music from them!” Jessie J