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July 06, 2012 AT 02:00 PM EDT

Remember when Sweet Valley Confidential came out last year and it made you realize how much you’ve missed Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, Sweet Valley High‘s  impossibly beautiful but oh-so-human twins? You were not alone — the book peaked at No. 14 on the New York Times‘ Hardcover Fiction list — and now Sweet Valley creator Francine Pascal will feed your brain’s nostalgia center yet again with more tales of Liz and Jessica’s grown-up travails. On July 15, St. Martin’s Press will launch The Sweet Life, a six-part series for e-readers that picks up three years after Confidential left off. And you won’t have to wait long for each new installment — the first two books debut July 15, with a new novella ($1.99 each) following every Sunday through August 12. (As someone who vividly remembers begging my mom to take me to the mall so I could scour the “young adult” section at B. Dalton for the latest SVH book, the one-week waiting period is a major plus.) Just in case your inner 13-year-old hasn’t passed out from excitement yet, there’s one more bit of Sweet Valley news to absorb: Starting October 1, St. Martin’s will re-release the first twelve Sweet Valley High books for e-readers (awesome original covers included).

Before you read the excerpt from chapter one of The Sweet Life, here’s a little background: Jessica is now married to Todd Wilkins (still can’t get over that!) and Lizzie is shacking up with reformed bad-boy Bruce Patman. Wait a minute, shacking up? Bruce didn’t put a ring on it? Francine Pascal, please explain yourself! “Well I think they just weren’t ready at the moment to get married, and maybe they never are going to get married,” Pascal tells “It’s okay for Elizabeth, she’s been such a straight arrow — and I want her to be a little unexpected.” In totally expected news, Jessica and Todd’s marriage is on the rocks. “Todd has this problem about who his wife should be,” says Pascal. “He’s working off that high school Jessica and she’s not that person anymore.”  Click through to read the excerpt (you can read the entire first chapter on Sweet Valley Confidential’s Facebook page this Monday), and to read more of my interview with Pascal, who explains why she loves Bruce Patman, hates the Real Housewives, and what she thinks about the long-in-development SVH movie.

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