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July 10, 2012 AT 05:05 AM EDT

The last few weeks I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember if we’ve ever had a season with such a tight horse race coming down the stretch. In my opinion we’ve never had a Bachelor or Bachelorette feel so deeply for the final three. This goes a long way in saying what a great job Emily has done in narrowing it down to three great guys and just how solid Sean, Jef and Arie really are.

We headed off to the beautiful little island of Curacao for the final two weeks of the show. One of the great things about this show is that it takes us to places I never would have thought to go myself. Curacao is exactly that kind of place. It’s a beautiful island off the coast of Venezuela with great people and we all truly enjoyed our time there.

Sean got the first date this week. Before I talk about his emotional goodbye I have a couple notes on his date. First of all I was happy to see them not only take a helicopter ride but later they got in a hot tub. Many of you have mentioned the serious lack of both this season so I’m glad we got the numbers up a bit. Sean was the last to tell Emily he loved her and he finally did. Was it too little, too late? I don’t think so. Deep down Emily knew Sean loved her and that’s not what made her final decision. It’s just too bad that it was the week where Sean finally did say those magical words that Emily had to say goodbye. Sean is a class act inside and out. As Emily said, he just might be the perfect man. The great thing about Sean, though, is that he might be perfect but you can tell he’s not one of those guys that’s “too perfect.” In the end Emily’s relationships with Jef and Arie were just a little further along and just a little better and more intimate in her heart.

At this point for Emily there wasn’t anything wrong with any of them, and it was really an embarrassment of riches. The funny thing is, that’s not exactly what she was hoping for. When I talked to her in the deliberation room, she started off in a pretty good mood but was quickly overwhelmed with what she was going to have to do. She knew Sean was the one going home but had no idea how she could possibly say goodbye to a man that fit every criteria she was looking for. I thought it was very telling when Emily told Sean, “I wanted it to be you so bad.” By the way, am I the only person that immediately thought of Meg Ryan saying that to Tom Hanks at the end of You’ve Got Mail? (I realize I probably shouldn’t have just typed that out loud.) But I understand what Emily was saying. If Emily had a list of what she was looking for, Sean could check off every box. But love is a funny thing, and when it comes to really tough decisions this season, Emily has gone with her gut, and so far it’s been flawless. Sean’s goodbye was one of the most emotional and heartfelt I can remember in recent years. It was tough to see him so heartbroken. I think we could all tell just how much it took him to get to the point to say what he did and make himself so vulnerable. And to finally open up that way only to be crushed was very tough to watch.

The bottom line is, Emily felt a little more for both Arie and Jef at this point. At face value it might seem that these are two very different men she’s narrowed it down to, but they actually have a lot in common. They are both very good men that treat Emily with great respect and love. They both have had a special place in Emily’s heart for most of the show. As tough as this week was, and it was incredibly hard on Emily, it doesn’t compare to what’s to come in a couple weeks. I think it’s safe to say that she has love in her heart for both of these guys, and they are madly in love with her.

As you saw in the preview, this leads to probably the most emotional finale we’ve ever had. But first, next week will be the Men Tell All special where all the men you love and love to hate come back to talk about what’s been a great season. Then the following Sunday, July 22, will be the three-hour finale — including the live After the Final Rose special. Then come back on Monday July 23, for the premiere of Bachelor Pad, which I’ll be blogging for you as well. The finale of this season will be an event you don’t want to miss. I’ll see you next week as I grill the guys about their love of Emily to their unfortunate choice in tank tops. Until then, you can find me on Twitter @chrisbharrison and you can find lots of extras at

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