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Sandra Gonzalez
July 10, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

White Collar returned tonight with an episode that really should have been two hours long. Why? Because after an hour that delivered on action, intrigue, and shirtlessness, it’s just cruel to make people wait an entire week.

The fourth season premiere of White Collar found Neal (Matt Bomer) and Mozzi (Willie Garson) living it up island-style on Cape Verde, just off the coast of Africa. The little Island community was complete with everything they needed from a haven — no extradition laws, a powerful man who they could buy protection from, custom hat makers, and a good-looking coffee shop girl for Neal to keep himself occupied. (Though, initially, she was “only woman in the entire archipelago” who didn’t want him. Mozzi’s words. Stupid girl.)

In all, Neal was done — done with New York, done with that life. He even broke up with Peter. I’m not exaggerating. They had a break-up scene. All that was missing was Neal telling Peter it’s “not you, it’s me.” See their phone conversation below.

Neal: We had a good run.

Peter: It’s not over.

Neal: Yea it is. You’re an FBI agent; I’m a con man. There are only a few ways this could have ended. This is one of the best.

Peter: Right.

Neal: You understand this has to be the last time. New York and I are done.

Peter: I get it. Please watch out for Collins.

Neal: I will. It’s good to hear your voice.

But what Neal didn’t know was that Peter was tracking him, and that his simple life of using complicated sand sculptures to woo women into bed was going to be short-lived.

Enter Agent Collins (Mekhi Phifer) — the kind of crazy agent that will fly half way across the world to drag a fugitive back to the USA to be arrested. And that’s exactly what he did after seeing that’s where Peter was headed. (Peter really should have thought ahead and circled a decoy location on his Where’s Neal map.)

So off they went. Collins to find Neal. Peter to warn Neal. Peter almost succeeded, too. But that rascal Collins cornered Neal in the final second of the episode.

Being that this is the fourth season, we should be accustomed to nail-biting cliffhangers. I am. But that doesn’t make it easier to deal with. I still let out a stream of curses at the end. Agree?

Also, what did you think?


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