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Adam B. Vary
July 12, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

There are very few things in life better than getting to strap into the impossibly cool Batmobile from the Michael Keaton-era Batman movies and enjoy a quick spin in the sun-dappled dusk of San Diego Comic-Con.

To commemorate the end of Christopher Nolan’s Bat-trilogy next Friday with The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. trotted out six iterations of the Caped Crusader’s sweet wheels: The cartoony car from Adam West-era TV series; the sleek Keaton-era car from both Batman and Batman Returns; the outlandish cars from the Joel Schumacher-era Batman Forever and Batman & Robin; and the Nolan-era tank-like “Tumbler” vehicles from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

We got an up-close look at all of them, including that aforementioned ride in the Keaton-era Batmobile — and you’re likely not going to believe who was driving it. Check out my full video report below: 

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