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Sandra Gonzalez
July 13, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The cast of 666 Park made their Comic-Con debut today, following a screening of the pilot to a packed crowd. The crowd’s most burning question after it aired? What’s up with Terry O’Quinn’s character?

[Spoiler Alert!] In the pilot, O’Quinn’s character Gavin, the mysterious owner of the historic apartment building at the center of the show, makes negotiations with tenants of his apartment building in exchange for favors. The twist? The price is sometimes their life!

So is O’Quinn’s character the devil? He’s not entirely sure. “He seems, at the moment, pretty evil,” said the former Lost actor, who was making his first appearance at Comic-Con. “He doesn’t seem like he’d slow down for a baby in a carriage.”

Executive producer David Wilcox has an answer, which he naturally wasn’t sharing. But he did offer up a tease. “He’s not who you’d expect,” he said. “It’ll take some times to figure out who he is.”

One thing O’Quinn seems pretty sure of? That Vanessa Williams’ character, Olivia, who co-owns the building, is pulling the strings. “[Olivia] is probably the boss,” he joked.

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