Feedback: July 20, 2012 |


Feedback: July 20, 2012

Your praise for Louis C.K.'s brand of comedy, additions to our list of ''the 50 best movies you've never seen,'' and more

Reversal of Fortune
Thanks for the feature on Louis C.K. I was happy to learn the origin of ”C.K.” (no, I somehow never Googled it or looked it up on Wikipedia). But it was disappointing to read that Louis felt he could have done a better job with Lucky Louie, since it was that show that got me hooked on his comedy! I even bought the DVD set — before it was in the clearance section. It reminded me a lot of Roseanne, if Roseanne had been able to swear and appear naked on her show. I enjoy Louie, but it doesn’t hold up to repeat viewings like Lucky Louie does.
Eric A. Klee

Charlotte, N.C.

I remember watching an episode of Dr. Katz in 1996 that had a segment with Louis C.K. It was only a two-minute skit, but based on his material and delivery, I could already tell he was a comedian to watch out for. It’s too bad that it took so long for America to catch on, but kudos on his much-deserved success.
Steven Lourie

Gladstone, N.J.

Rock of Pages
I really enjoyed your article on the Rock Bottom Remainders. I was actually at their last performance, at the American Library Association’s annual conference. Who knew that these authors could rock so hard and have so much fun doing it? Amy Tan in a dominatrix outfit is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.
Tricia Jacquet

Valparaiso, Ind.