Your Summer Must List: Tech |


Your Summer Must List: Tech

Your guide to the hottest gadgets, apps, and games that will be keeping you busy all season long

7 Awesome Apps

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7

The latest edition in the LEGO Harry Potter saga is just as fun as the first, as you cast spells and maneuver your minifig characters through new locations like the Ministry of Magic. (iOS; $4.99)

The Tossing Dad

Zombies go soaring in a simple yet splatterific app that lets you chain-saw and blast your way through a whole range of gnarly undead. (iOS and Android; $0.99)

Pix’n Love Rush

This charming throwback was recently launched for Android and tasks you with collecting coins and leaping over obstacles, all against retro Space Invaders-inspired backgrounds. (iOS, $0.99; Android, $1.99)

Shark Dash

Yes, it’s an Angry Birds clone, with shark bath toys and rubber duckies subbing for birds and pigs. But Dash’s Rube Goldberg levels are just as gripping. (iOS and Android; $0.99)

Rinth Island

This adorable and addictive puzzle game requires you to carefully navigate a spiraling 3-D tower. You can also design and share your own levels. (iOS; free for a limited time)

Lostwinds2: Winter of the Melodias

Mobile games don’t get much prettier than this. Ported over from the Nintendo Wii, the clever platformer follows a young boy who can manipulate the wind. (iOS; $3.99)

N.O.V.A. 3

The thrilling first-person shooter series continues with our galactic hero’s return to a ravaged Earth — all the better to show off the stunning graphics and increased firepower. (iOS; $6.99)