Jo McCaughey
Kyle Anderson
July 16, 2012 AT 04:06 PM EDT

Here are the things you will learn when you watch Jack White’s new video for “Freedom at 21,” the third clip from his excellent solo debut Blunderbuss.

1) It was directed by noted hip-hop director and Belly helmer Hype Williams. Even if you didn’t know that before pressing play, a handy over-the-top title screen bursts into the first few seconds of the clip, recalling grindhouse features that later inspired metal bands.

2) Jack White loves the color blue. Not only does he appear entirely in a blue filter (you know, like the Michael Douglas scenes in Traffic) in this clip, but he also has a history of turning up the tint in previous clips. We here at the Music Mix thought about those motives for seven seconds before remembering that White literally plays the blues, so maybe it’s just that simple.

3) That utterly amazing hand move/tongue wag combination that White pulls off in the middle of the clip (it shows up at the 1:38 mark) should have a name. Can we go ahead and call it the Shaky Jack? What about the Wobbly White? If you have a better name for it, feel free to leave it in the comments. (And also, if that doesn’t inspire an immediate gif, then the Internet has failed us all.)

4) “Freedom at 21” happens to be one of the best songs on Blunderbuss, and this is the rare video that really expresses the song’s guttural swagger.

5) Jack White is willing to go glam, but not too glam, hence the feathers on (only!) the right side of that leather jacket. It’s as though it used to be a full-on boa, but then he wanted to turn it down lest that and the heavy eye makeup lead to him being mistaken for Adam Lambert.

6) Seriously, that’s a lot of blue. Watch it below:

That tongue move is ridiculous. That could have been the whole video—just that gesture, looped over and over again or slowed down to excruciating frame-by-frame detail.

What do you think of Jack White’s new video for “Freedom at 21”? Express yourself in the comments.


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