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Watch Madonna 'Turn Up The Radio' -- VIDEO

Madonna’s MDNA may have a track called Girl Gone Wild,” but the video for her third single, “Turn Up The Radio,” is downright mild. It features Madonna doing what Madonna does best – namely, flirting with guys half her age – but nothing scandalous happens.

The entirety of the video is Madonna riding around in a car with a few young guys attempting to turn up the music and get the party started. But a full dance party never breaks out.

Instead, we’re mostly treated to Madonna moving back and forth in the backseat in some sort of leotard/bustier/black top contraption. I’d love to talk about something – anything – else, but one really can’t ignore the serious cleavage happening throughout her jaunt around the city. In other Madonna chest news, she flashed her breast at a concert again over the weekend. Ho hum.

Check out Madge’s latest below:

Music Mix-ers: Does the song make you want to go on a carefree roadtrip with friends? Or does it have you reaching for the radio dial?

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