James Hibberd
July 17, 2012 AT 03:56 PM EDT

Fox’s latest hit New Girl returns this fall and EW.com has your exclusive first look at the show’s marketing key art. Below Zooey Deschanel and Co. crowd around the bathroom mirror. But why are they primping? They all look perfect! And what is Lamorne Morris holding? It looks like a Clarisonic, but those brushes are normally lighter (or, um, so I’ve heard). It’s a beard brush, I’m told.

The tagline: “New Season. Same Towels” is amusing sounding for those who haven’t seen the show, but fans know it refers to a first season episode where Schmidt (Max Greenfield) couldn’t figure out why his towel was so damp. He discovers Nick (Jake Johnson) uses the same towel over and over again and never washes it, causing germ-phobic Schmidt to freak out.

To catch up on the show, Fox will start re-airing the first season of New Girl starting this Thursday, with season two premiering Sept. 25. Here’s your poster.

UPDATE: Fox’s Mindy Project key art revealed

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