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Sandra Gonzalez
July 20, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

What a crazy few weeks it’s been! Pre-Emmy speculation! Comic-Con! Emmy noms! And now the Television Critics Association Press Tour is upon us! That’s where I’m headed this weekend, in fact. There, I will run into all your favorite stars and the ones you don’t know you like yet (aka: people from new shows!) So make sure you stay in touch via Twitter (@EWSandraG). And I don’t mean “stay in touch” in the way people say it insincerely in yearbooks. I mean it for real. Tweet me! And I’ll be tweeting what I see, hear, and pictures I take while being impatient.

Also, send me your burning spoiler questions to spoilerroom@ew.com. Summer fun is over, TV watchers. WE’RE GOING BACK TO WORK!


The end of last week’s premiere of Breaking Bad, Skyler found herself on the receiving end of Walt’s “forgiveness.” But the fear we saw in her eyes as he approached her was anything but fleeting, according to EMMY NOMINEE Anna Gunn. “She’s really scared of him right now,” she says. “She’s living with somebody now who terrifies her, and she can not predict what he’s going to do. And she’s truly so in terror for her children.”

Backed into a corner, Gunn teases that Skylar will begin to crack. “That’s what this season is about for her. She’s no longer able to pretend that she can control it. She knows now that it’s out of her control and it’s just her desperate. Every minute is a desperate thought. What do I do for my children and how do I protect them?”

As she attempts to do so, Gunn says there’s no boundaries for how far she’ll go. But will doing so result in Walt Jr. finally learning the truth about his parents? “That’s a definite possibility and that’s a question that’s been asked a lot,” she says. “I think that’s part of what scares her but I also think she’s thinking how much longer this can go on before he finds out. How long will it be before all this danger and all these things end up in her house and at her doorstep? I really think that scares her.”


Did you miss all the Bones fun at Comic-Con? Shame! But not to fear, Stephan Nathan and Hart Hanson (who was absent for medical reasons) were stand-up gentleman and hopped on the phone to help those who couldn’t make it out. And while I got more dish on the first few episodes coming to you soon, here’s what I can tell you:

Look for the best murders yet

“We’ve done 135 of them something and we are determined to top ourselves,” says Nathan. Hanson adds that if any year is the year to do so, it’s this one. With a writer’s room that’s “a great mixture of old war horses and new blood,” he thinks there’s potential for great science. “We’re going to be solid on our murders,” he says.

‘Is love enough?’

After last year’s rocky year for Bones and Booth (birth + murder suspicions + being on the lam = rough year) Hanson says fans will see the ramifications play out. “We’re going to be exploring — mostly with Brennan and Booth’s relationship but also the other relationships too — what keeps couples together? Is love enough? What external hurdles set you back and what internal hurdles set you back. The theme is going to be how do two people in love stay togther in a world of murder and science.”

Pelant isn’t going anywhere

Brennan and Co. will attempt to clear her name, but Nathan says their attempts will be futile for a while. Why? Because they adore the crazy dude! “To varying degrees Stephan and I have liked or disliked our serial killers. This is the first time we both really, really liked a serial killer,” Hanson says. Nathan continues: “He’s just an odd, odd mixture of the most wonderful boy in the world — he’s the kid your mom always said ‘Why can’t you be more like Christopher?” — and then we find out Christopher kills people.” he says laughing.

Episode three…

… Will deal with a mad bomber. More on this soon.


Grimm has a lot of fun in store for its second season. But the casting new from earlier that made me cheer? Mark Pellegrino, who is popping up in the third episode this season playing an old friend of Hank’s (Russell Hornsby) and goes to him for help after his daughter goes missing. Oh, and he’s a coyotl. And when I last spoke with executive producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt, they teased that this “big Hank” episode will also touch on a larger theme. “He’s a guy who tried to break from his past and his past has come back to haunt him,” Kouf says. Greenwalt adds: “It’s a violent, gang-like past and he doesn’t want to raise his kid that way.”

While he’s only slated for one episode, Kouf says the character’s closeness with Hank definitely leaves the door open for a return. And though we might have to wait a while to see that happen, one thing we won’t have to wait for? Resolution to the season-ending cliffhangers! The pair shared that major cliffhangers will be dealt with in “the first couple of episodes,” which will result in Nick feeling “stretched to the limit.” “He’s overworked; he’s beat-up; he’s underpaid. He’s got the woman he loves in the hospital. He’s doing everything he can on all fronts,” says Greenwalt. Kouf jokes: “He doesn’t sleep much. We’re going to have one episode where Nick just sleeps the whole time.”

Meanwhile, did you see the awesome first look at Grimm‘s first baddie? If not, click here. If you’ve already seen it, allow me to continue sharing: I was close to sharing another picture from the first episode with you, but the problem? It was deemed too bloody! Executive producer Jim Kouf explains: “It was a massacre. [The monster] is not a nice guy. But he does have to eat. He’s not that different from you and me.” (Click to the next page to see my chat with them from Comic-Con!)

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