EW Staff
July 20, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

I’ve started to think this is the only way I’ll ever get a letter printed, so here goes: I squealed with glee/almost fainted/contracted malaria and died when I saw the too-sexy Ian McKellen as Gandalf on your cover. My dog got so hot and bothered I had to hide my EW from him! This is one household that can’t wait until December.
Michael Shaw Starks


Your peek at the upcoming Hobbit movies was great. Peter Jackson‘s hesitancy to direct the films following Guillermo del Toro’s departure reveals that his concern is only with releasing special, fan-centered movies. George Lucas should take notes.
J.J. Westfield


Been There, Done That
Marvel NOW! reminds me of a TV chef who thinks he’s innovative when he’s adding the same panko bread crumbs, Greek yogurt, and quail eggs as the next guy. Marvel, you want to rock the industry? Invent a new character, for Stan’s sake.
Matt Larock

Lakewood, Colo.

A Woman of Many Words
I was so sad to hear of Nora Ephron‘s passing — and selfishly, as my ultimate ”Women of Hollywood” dinner party of Ephron, Bonnie Hunt, and Tina Fey will never be. As for my own tribute to Nora and her fellow writers, I will continue my tradition of fast-forwarding through all awards-show speeches, except for in the writing categories. They always have the best ones.
Penny Allender

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

So many of my favorite quotes and movies were fueled by Nora Ephron’s uncanny ability to depict human emotions, from the absurd to the relatable. She also helped ignite the spark between my husband and me. Fourteen years ago, he wooed me by shouting across a crowded room, ”Baby Fish Mouth!”
Jennifer H. Kromling

Santa Ana, Calif.

Killer Premise
Your review of Hit & Miss (What to Watch) had me at ”Contract killer Mia (Chloë Sevigny)…” Seriously, I put my EW down after reading that, set my TiVo to record, and then resumed reading.
Lori Musicer

Beverly Hills

Lit Girls
A high five to you, EW, for your consistently good book recommendations. You’ve enriched my life by turning me on to books like Wild and The Age of Miracles, and I’m now eager for The Hypnotist. If I’ve enjoyed something, I tell a troupe of friends who love to read as much as I do. So thanks from all of us!
Lorraine Berry

Brooktondale, N.Y.

At first blush I was sure the cover shot of Martin Freeman (as Bilbo Baggins) was vintage character actor Michael J. Pollard. Ever seen them together?
John (Lash) LaRue

Portland, Ore.

For Those About to Rock…

We salute some up-close-and-personal music docs that weren’t represented in ”10 Great Concert Movies”

The Concert for Bangladesh (1972)

George Harrison’s charity concert set the standard for all the Live Aids and Farm Aids. His performance of ”Here Comes the Sun” with Badfinger’s Pete Ham is the greatest live performance of the classic Beatles song ever. —Michael Curtis, West Orange, N.J.

Let There Be Rock (1980)

This AC/DC concert film blows away all 10 entries on your list. When it was shown in Seattle in 1981, there were police on hand in the theater in case things got out of control. Can any of your choices claim this? —Dana Jensen, Everett, Wash.

Truth or Dare (1991)

As radical as it was ridiculous, Madonna’s popumentary really captured the world’s biggest pop star, warts and all. The film is also one of the highest-grossing documentaries of all time. —Iain Christiansen, Toronto

S&M (1999)

Metallica’s performances with the San Francisco Symphony, which became both a live album and a film, combine heavy metal and an epic classical approach. —Johnn Beuscher, Prairie Village, Kan.

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