Nolan Feeney
July 20, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

No Doubt, ”Settle Down”

No Doubt’s first single from Push and Shove, due in September, is a sonic culmination of their career, and also guaranteed windows-down summer fun. Over a catchy ”Get-get-get in line” refrain and a dancehall groove, a scatterbrained Gwen Stefani vents about maybe biting off more than she can chew. Don’t fret, Gwen — we’re already lining up. B+Nolan Feeney

Green Day ”Oh Love”

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong puts politically charged bile on the back burner and lets his sweet sneer amble and strut over a saucy three-chord punch. Of course, he’s still wearing his tattooed heart on his torn sleeve, proving that just because he’s taken on George W. Bush doesn’t mean he can’t still get hung up on girls. A-Kyle Anderson

Taio Cruz, ”Fast Car”

The ”Dynamite” hitmaker can’t seem to keep his body-shop metaphors straight as he flirts with the object of his fuel injection. Is she the car? Or is he? Is Tracy Chapman in the jump seat? Per the track’s revved-up directives, we’ll dance now and ponder on the ride home. BAdam Markovitz

Bloc Party, ”Octopus”

Cynics might say that post-punk revival bands have had their day in court (don’t let the door hit you, Franz Ferdinand!), but the defense would like to submit this London quartet’s latest single as evidence. ”Octopus” reminds us that knife-sharp songs with lean, gone-in-60-seconds guitar solos never go out of style. B+Ray Rahman

Ellie Goulding feat. Tinie Tempah, ”Hanging On”

Ever been hiking across the English moors and realized you never uploaded Kate Bush onto your iPod? A problem no more! On this cover of L.A. electro artist Active Child’s 2011 cult hit, Goulding’s helium vocals are reminiscent of Bush’s 1978 cult hit ”Wuthering Heights.” Too bad Tinie Tempah ruins the ethereal vibe with his jarring, hiccupy rhymes. B-Henry Goldblatt

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