Darren Franich
July 24, 2012 AT 10:10 PM EDT

In the wake of last week’s horrifying shooting at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises, DC Entertainment is postponing the release of a Batman comic book due to concerns over some of the material in the issue. The third issue of Batman Incorporated — the Grant Morrison-penned ongoing series about the Dark Knight’s attempts to “franchise” his crimefighting methods — had already reached retailers with a planned release for Wednesday. But DC sent a statement to retailers on Monday explaining that they would prefer to hold off on releasing Batman Inc #3 for a month. As the publisher explained in the statement:

Out of respect for the victims and families in Aurora, Colorado, DC Entertainment has made the decision to postpone the release of BATMAN INC #3 for one month because the comic contains content that may be perceived as insensitive in light of recent events. We request that retailers do not make this issue available as previously solicited.  Its new on sale date is August 22, 2012.

Artist Chris Burnham clarified on his Twitter feed, “It’s not just a Batman comic with guns in it. There’s a specific scene that made DC & the whole Bat-team say “Yikes.” Too close for comfort.”

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