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July 27, 2012 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Hello from L.A. and TCA!

Team EW has been working hard to bring you all the news coming out of the left coast this week (hence the Spoiler Room Evening Edition here!), but there’s plenty of spoilery stuff from the week that I saved just for y’all! Read on for deets.

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As EW reported earlier this week, Leslie Mann is heading to New Girl. What we didn’t tell you? The very important plot point that sealed the deal. “[Mann] actually said she would do the show if she got to make out with Max Greenfield,” creator Liz Meriwether told me this past week at Fox’s TCA party. “So you may or may not get to see some amazing Max Greenfield and Leslie Mann making out in the premiere.”

Also in the season opener? Schmidt’s “re-launching” party — for his penis. “Schmidt is getting his penis cast off and he’s throwing himself a relaunching party. He’s relaunching his brand.,” she says. “There are a lot of new jokes about the way it healed.”

But director Jake Kasdan, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for his work on the show, says he’s not quite ready to let that storyline go. “I’m going to miss this story. Can we re-break it? Maybe it’s a chronic injury” he joked with Meriwether. She adds: “I think that’s a good idea, actually….When I was writing [the episode] today, I was like, ‘I just want to do three more broken d–k jokes!’”

Meanwhile, did you hear Jess’ parents are coming to town?


If you missed my chat with Tony Goldwyn, click here to read that now. If you already read it, you get a gold star and have gained admission to these five scoops on Scandal’s second season, premiering Sept. 27.

1. Who IS Quinn?

Goldwyn promises an answer in the season premiere. BUT… “As per typical Shonda, you find out, but then you find out you don’t know,” he says. “The stakes could not be higher for the characters. It’s literally life and death on multiple fronts for several of the characters in the first episode.”

2. Don’t count on Happily Ever After — this season, at least

“If [Olivia and Fitz] get together it would certainly create bigger problems than we’ve ever had before,” says Goldwyn. “I don’t think there will be a wedding this season — that’s my prediction.”

3. More flashbacks?

Not in the first episode. But Goldwyn doesn’t think they are done exploring the past, especially since early plans for the second season had the story flashing back to different parts of Fitz and Olivia’s relationship and the early part of the presidency. “Obviously that’s not the choice they made from a storytelling standpoint but there’s, I’m sure, a lot of material there is she wants to go there,” he said.

4. Cyrus and Fitz on the rocks

Olivia and Fitz aren’t the only relationship going through a rough patch. “With Cyrus, of course, he knows nothing about Cyrus being behind Amanda Tanner’s death, but the power dynamic between them has changed. Cyrus very much used to be like a big brother but the trust has been shattered,” he says. “All of that personal camaraderie at the moment [is gone]. But I think that will change; they need each other very much. And Olivia will be a factor in that as well.”

5. President Grant goes to China?

Not exactly. But Goldwyn said there’s a chance he’ll “be skipping a few episodes” to direct and produce a currently untitled legal thriller pilot for AMC with his producing partner Richard LaGravenese. “Fitz can go on a foreign trip or something – maybe make a trip to China for a few episodes,” he says.


A group of 100+ reporters invaded the Revenge set yesterday, and tried (mostly in vain) to lure secrets out of the cast and EP Mike Kelley. But among the chatter? A little insight into Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Ashley’s (Ashely Madekwe) relationship in the coming season, courtesy of Madekwe’s reveal that a fairly important shot was cut from the season finale. “[In] the original script, there was a shot of some clothes on the floor,” she said. “The way the clothes were shot, though, you didn’t know whose clothes they were. I think it was smart they shot it that way because it left it open. But in the end, they thought the drink was enough to hint at what would come and what might not come.”

So what will come? She’s mum. But the first episode, she said, will make the nature of Daniel and Ashley’s interactions pretty clear. “You see their relationship has developed. I’m not going to say in what vain or how, but it’s definitely developed,” she said.

Want more scoop? Here are four more bits:


+ The first episode flashes forward to an event, but “not as far [ahead] as the one in the first season,” says Madekwe. “There is some mirroring, though. The first event of season 1, episode 1 was a yacht party, and we’re throwing it again on the same yacht. Lydia won’t be there.”

+ On Emily’s blast-from-the-past/possible new flame (Barry Sloane), Kelley says: “I think it’ll be a really satisfying exploration of who Emily was.”

+ Nolan’s love interest is a girl, but Gabriel Mann says Nolan tends to keep his options open. “I think this character would be happy with anyone who loved him or showed him some love. And what form that will take? It might take a few forms this season. We’ll see,” he says.

+ Jack won’t necessarily be happy about (very preggo!) Amanda being in his life. “I’m with her out of obligation. I care for her, but…I kinda just moved on,” he says. As far as a paternity test? “That should be discussed,” he said coyly.

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