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'Boys' -- a 'Girls' parody starring Daniel Craig's son, Craig, and Wolf Blitzer's son, Bear

Girls, HBO’s Emmy-nominated series starring Lena Dunham, has had its share of controversy. Which inevitably leads to parodies, such as this Judd-Apatow-approved fake trailer for a new show called Boys, a nepotism-heavy exploration of twenty-something life in L.A. The show is complete with “Daniel Craig’s son” Craig Craig, rambling talks about joblessness, and, of course, a gratuitous amount of nudity.

The trailer gets bonus points for expertly satirizing specifics such as Shoshanna’s constant talk about her virginity and Marnie and Charlie’s co-dependent relationship.

Favorite exchange:

“Put some f—in pants on!”

“I’m in my twenties!”

Check out the probably NSFW video below:

Also, is that a Ryan Gosling lookalike at 2:22?

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