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NBC's Olympic coverage shatters records

Say what you will about tape delays, but they seem to be working just fine for NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics in London. The network’s first three days of coverage averaged 35.8 million – the most-watched weekend of any Summer Olympics in History.

Coverage on Sunday lured 36 million – which NBC says is the most eyeballs for the first Sunday of a non-U.S. Olympics in history. NBC averaged three million more than the first Sunday night of the 2008 Beijing Olympics (32.3 million), and 10 million more than the first night of the 2004 Athens Olympics (25.8 million).

Here’s how the first weekend played out for past Summer Games:

Atlanta (1996), 34.4 million
Beijing (2008), 30.6 million
Barcelona (1992), 27 million
Seoul (1988), 24.4 million
Athens (2004), 24 million
Sydney (2000), 23.9 million

Originally posted July 30 2012 — 5:15 PM EDT

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