Hillary Busis
August 02, 2012 AT 05:07 PM EDT

It’s Christmas in August!

For three days, Ryan Murphy has been littering his brand new Twitter page with photos, videos, and scoop about American Horror Story, NBC’s upcoming comedy The New Normal, and Glee (“You know who I want as BLAINE’s mom? Catherine Zeta-Jones!”). But among this bounty, there’s one tidbit that any Murphy fan will find particularly swoon-worthy: a deleted Kurt/Blaine scene from Glee‘s most recent holiday episode.

The clip — known among gleeks as “The Box Scene” — shows McKinley High’s cutest couple discussing December’s auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s treasures. Their chat naturally leads to an exchange of jewelry — albeit not the type that sparkles like white diamonds. See for yourself, and prepare for your heart to grow three sizes:

Glee‘s fourth season premieres on Fox September 13.

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