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In case you missed it: NBC airs water polo nip slip

Olympics Waterpolo Mishap

Poor, poor NBC: You’re damned if you tape-delay and damned if you don’t. Kabletown’s redheaded stepchild accidentally stirred up more Olympics coverage controversy yesterday when one of its underwater cameras caught American water polo player Kamie Craig yanking down a Spanish opponent’s swimsuit – and exposing the Spaniard’s right breast in the process. Gonna have you nekkid by the end of this match!

The body part in question was visible for only a split second. Even then, it was partially obscured by the Spanish player’s arm, making it the least exciting wardrobe malfunction since Lindsay Lohan last showed off her Parent Trap. That, of course, hasn’t stopped viewers and news outlets from heaping abuse on NBC. (Criticizing the Peacock may just be our new national pastime.) I’m going to give them a pass on this one, though. After all, the network can’t control the actions of athletes, unless they happen to be American Gladiators.

Click below to see the moment of nontroversy. Oh, and in case you’re interested: The game ended in a 9-9 tie. Suit-grabbing Craig scored four of Team USA’s goals.

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