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Five things Robert Pattinson could talk about on 'Good Morning America'

Robert Pattinson

(Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Set your DVR, or just turn on your televisions at the right time: Robert Pattinson is coming to Good Morning America on Aug. 15. Pattinson is ostensibly on the show to chat about his upcoming film Cosmopolis. But since the interviewers generally hope to move beyond just movie promotion, we want to suggest a few more topics that might get the heartthrob to open up a little.

1. The Olympics – Surely, Rob is proud of his country for hosting the Games and his fellow countrymen for their performances.

2. Canned or dry dog food? His adopted puppy Bear has to eat!

3. The British pound versus the Euro – What does he think of the economic climate in Europe and Great Britain?

4. If he could, who would get his vote for President? Even though he’s not a citizen, he must lean left or right when it comes to the election in the States.

5. Would he ever consider being the next American Idol judge? There is a spot open.

Am I missing something?

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