Jeff Labrecque
August 08, 2012 AT 05:17 PM EDT

No, David Duchovny is not starring in a sequel to Evan Almighty. But that is the former Fox Mulder underneath that unruly Old Testament mane, playing a pot-smoking handyman and occasional goat herder in the Sundance movie Goats, which opens in select theaters this Friday. Duchovny’s Javier, A.K.A. Goat Man, is an unconventional father figure to the perfectly well-adjusted Ellis (The Good Wife‘s Graham Phillips), who reluctantly leaves his free-spirited mom (Vera Farmiga) to study at the east coast prep school his conservative father (Ty Burrell) attended.

Watch an exclusive clip below, as Javier and mom’s new boyfriend (Justin Kirk) have an awkward first encounter in the kitchen, followed by Javier and his goats attempting to ship Ellis a homegrown care package.

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