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Sony Pictures Animation working on an 'ALF' movie from producer of 'The Smurfs'


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Few mainstream sitcoms have ever been more eccentric (or more puppet-y) than ALF, the lighthearted ’80s series which centered on an typical All-American suburban family who live with a furry alien creature. The character Alf (who had a real name: Gordon Shumway) has mostly been absent since the show went off the air in 1990, besides a 1996 TV movie that costarred Martin Sheen and an extremely short-lived 2004 talk show in TV Land. But big things are happening for the big-snouted E.T. from Planet Melmac: Sony Pictures Animation has purchased the rights to ALF, with an eye towards bringing the franchise to the big screen.

A representative for SPA confirms that the film is currently being planned as a mix of live-action and CGI – similar to the studio’s silver-screen renovation of The Smurfs, which grossed over $500 million last year. Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner will produce ALF: The Movie alongside original ALF creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco. Since CGI is in the mix, it’s a fair bet that you can kiss the old ALF puppet goodbye, although The Hollywood Reporter notes that Fusco is once again expected to provide ALF’s voice.

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