Dan Snierson
August 10, 2012 AT 07:13 PM EDT

After closing ceremonies of the Olympics on Sunday night, NBC will transition from five rings to three when it previews the first episode of its new circus-like workplace comedy Animal Practice. (The show premieres in its regular time slot on Sept. 26.) You will meet the gold medalist of veterinarians: the highly skilled Dr. George Coleman (Justin Kirk), who, alas, often receives a DNF when it comes to his people skills. That’s where Dorothy (Joanna Garcia) comes in. She just inherited his respected-but-disorganized animal hospital from her grandmother, and she’s going to run a much tighter operation. Also, George used to date Dorothy until she left him without warning or explanation two years ago, so this shouldn’t be awkward at all.

Given that this is an animal hospital, laughs will be built around all sorts of critters, from snake to dog to turtle to monkey.  Especially monkey. You see, Dr. George Coleman is often flanked by his simian sidekick, Dr. Rizzo. And Dr. Rizzo has his own lab coat and ambulance. Get your first look at the key art below, watch a clip from the premiere, and then start guessing how many Mountain Dew Meows this show is going to win come awards season.



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