Hillary Busis
August 13, 2012 AT 02:24 PM EDT

Opening ceremony auteur Danny Boyle is cutting a feature-length version of his cheeky, occasionally hallucinatory 2012 Olympics kickoff. British newspaper The Guardian reports that the finished product will be released on DVD, though it does not specify a release date.

Boyle told The Guardian that he hopes the disc will “make things clearer” for audiences, allowing them more time to spot details and references they may have missed during their first viewing. This version may speed up the Parade of Athletes as well. Boyle also plans to add more clips from classic films to the DVD, since time constraints forced him to shorten the live opening ceremony’s film montage. “It will make more sense in this version,” Boyle explained.

The ceremony’s music, including tunes by Underworld, Dizzee Rascal, and iconic British bands like the Beatles and Blur, will remain intact. No word yet on whether Boyle will include a featurette on the makings of that epic Voldemort versus Mary Poppins Army battle — but we can dream, can’t we?

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