Darren Franich and Keith Staskiewicz
August 16, 2012 AT 02:30 PM EDT

Recently, we found ourselves in the midst of a marathon playing session of Disney’s Aladdin — the Super Nintendo classic, which we were playing on an actual SNES because Keith is a hoarder. We got to thinking: What if the biggest movies of today got turned into videogames?

And we’re not talking about the typical brand of modern movie videogame, with horrible animation and bargain-bin gameplay and disinterested celebrity paycheck voiceovers. What if they became old-school, charmingly mistranslated, multiple-of-8-bit videogames? What if Avengers was an RPG from the 8-bit Nintendo era? What if The Expendables became a coin-op arcade fighting game? We put our heads together with EW Design Guru Jef Castro: Check out the results below.

Avengers as Final Fantasy:

Prometheus as Metroid:

Snow White and the Huntsman as Super Ghouls’n Ghosts:

Magic Mike as Pokemon:

Expendables 2 as Street Fighter 2:

(Feeling inspired? Want to make your own Summer Movie Retro Videogames? Send twitpics to @DarrenFranich)

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