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Summer TV Awards: The polls are open!


You’ve done the nominating, now it’s time to hit the polls for EW’s first annual reader-voted Summer TV Awards. (UPDATE: Polls have now closed.) And your nominees are:

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UPDATE: Teen Wolf “Sterek” fans, we’ve read your (hundreds and hundreds of) comments and admire your passion. The reason Sterek didn’t make the category is because it’s not an acknowledged will-they-or-won’t-they storyline on the show itself. The pairings we included in that category all share a scripted, long-established dynamic on their show. We’re sorry if you feel your truly impressive mobilization for nominating the duo was in vain. We will acknowledge your passion with a special award when the winners are announced Monday.

And to clarify: The reader nominations are viewed as suggestions. Votes aren’t counted until the polls open.

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