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Woody exposed! What the 'Toy Story' character does in his spare time -- caught on camera

Santlov 03


Pixar’s Toy Story movies revealed what your toys do when you’re not looking. But what about when the other toys aren’t looking? What does our favorite cowboy doll do when Buzz and Bo Peep aren’t around? One ambitious fan has given us his take on the answer to that question.

Woody apparently is a big fan of Apple products, is quite the sneakerhead and loves taking photos of his food, at least according to a photographer who goes by the name Santlov. He’s also prone to a few vices that we didn’t see in the final cut of any G-rated Pixar movies.

Check out more of the secret life of Woody below:

Ready-to-party Woody




Mighty-comfortable-with-his-Disney-royalties Woody


Santlov has more photos of Woody on his Facebook page, along with some shots of toy-sized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars characters, Batman and more. They’re all part of a project he has dubbed ToysRLikeUs, which he told EW via email was “initially conceived to be a sort of parody… a way to poke fun at modern human trends and behaviors.” He also hopes it comments on “society’s dependence on technology, most notably smartphones, tablets and computers.” Who knew that a toy cowboy could be such an iPhone addict?

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