Abby West
August 17, 2012 AT 01:53 PM EDT

The Emmy-nominated Big Bang Theory actress is already back to work on season 6 after her car accident. Shortly before her ordeal, the mother of Miles (6) and Frederick (3) gave us a peek into what’s playing big in her house.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What childhood favorites (movies, books, TV, music) are you sharing/looking forward to sharing with your kids?

MAYIM BIALIK: We have a pretty much no media house. They have seen some episodes of Sesame Street and on airplanes, my husband has had them play games and read interactive books on his iPad. Someday, they will be ready and we both can’t wait to show our sons all of the geeky stuff we love: Star Wars movies especially.

We play adult music for our kids and don’t do any kids music. They Might Be Giants put out an amazing kids album though that we love, called No! Our boys like Johnny Cash and early 1960s folk as well as jazz. Our older son seems to have a passion for Rihanna, which he hears on the radio.

Both of our boys love Adele, and they also love the Jewish a cappella group called The Maccabeats, who have put out some incredible videos on YouTube, including a spoof of “Dynamite” called “Candlelight” that went viral and has over 7 million views. They also spoofed “Raise Your Glass” making it all about the Jewish holiday of Purim, and it’s a really neat way for our boys to learn about music, history, and also the power of YouTube! 

As for books, I collect children’s books and have kept all of mine from childhood and a few of the books my parents had in their childhood in the 1940s. Our boys love classics like The Little House, Millions of Cats, and Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel. They also like more modern books, but I really try and select books that have great visuals and gentle messages with graceful language. Rain Makes Applesauce is one of my favorites for them, and also all of Margaret Wise Brown’s books; she wrote Goodnight Moon but has several other really lovely books we adore.

Anything new that they are into that you’ve begun to love? Or begun to hate?

My older son’s penchant for rap and hiphop is fascinating to me. Some of the lyrics need to be monitored for sure. And much as I appreciate The Beastie Boys, it’s not for 7 years olds all of the time! I love that our sons like The Decemberists and Neko Case. Now we just need to work on them getting into Elvis Costello!

Does your history as a child star (Blossom) inform your view or impression of current kid-starring shows your children might be into?

I have very little tolerance for kid-starring shows! With all due respect to the actors and writers and producers, it just does not match what our sons are interested in, I don’t think. And as parents, we are waiting as long as possible to introduce anything serial into their lives, since it means they will be asking much more to watch things once they get a taste of them! In addition, there are a lot of shows I would rather they watch at this age: classic Mr. Rogers, for example, goes a long way in my opinion. There’s plenty of time for teen drama of the celluloid and real kind!

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