Mandi Bierly
August 17, 2012 AT 08:20 PM EDT

If your DVR, like mine, cut off the promo for next week’s Suits season finale after last night’s episode, watch it in full below. If you haven’t seen last night’s episode yet, do not watch that promo. MAJOR SPOILER. Let’s break it down.

GRAMMY: I probably would’ve teared up if I hadn’t already read USA’s synopsis for the finale: “Harvey needs Mike’s help as the battle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its climax. But Mike drops off the grid following a dramatic turn in his personal life.” What could that have been other than GRAMMY’S DEATH? I asked a cast member who shall remain nameless if I should be worried about Grammy’s health and he told me not to. (He had to say that, obviously.) So when Rachel broke the news to Mike in the new apartment he’d just rented for Grammy, my first thought was You lied to me. Damn, you’re good. (And as a New Yorker, also God, I’d kill for that place.) Maybe that was a blessing in disguise because after losing my father last September, this kind of story line consistently destroys me. As the camera lingered on Mike sobbing, I did begin to tear up. Judging from the promo, Mike is going to be lost. He smokes pot again. He kisses Rachel again. If he doesn’t help Harvey turn Lewis so Jessica wins the managing partner vote, he’ll lose his chance to be a lawyer again.

MIKE AND RACHEL: It’s definitely going to be interesting: Making money to provide for Grammy was the reason Mike was able to justify the fraud he was living to achieve his dream of practicing law — the fraud that also made it impossible for him to start an honest relationship with Rachel. Of course he’s going to want to lean on Rachel now. The question is: Will he stop himself, or will he let himself fall for her? If he falls, will he come clean, or will he continue to lie to her? I could see it going either way: On the one hand, this could be the perfect time to tell her everything, because he has her sympathy. On the other, he may be so afraid of losing that shoulder to cry on that he can’t risk her not understanding. Predictions?

Another point to address here:  The show’s writers did such a good job moving beyond the captivating will-Mike-and-Rachel-or-won’t-Mike-and-Rachel arc of this season’s early episodes that having the sexual tension return last night almost felt a bit forced to me. Like Mike, our minds have been so focused on work and the firm’s power struggle that we haven’t been thinking about his personal life. It makes sense that the feelings would resurface as the two finally spent more time together, but it didn’t feel as hot in that room to me as it did to them. Did anyone else experience that? (That said, those two can bring the heat, so I look forward to the temperature rising in the finale.)

HARVEY, LOUIS, AND JESSICA: I’m choosing to believe Harvey genuinely enjoyed his dinner with Louis until he ruined it by telling Louis he was the fall-guy for Hardman’s embezzling scheme five years ago. Harvey was on a time-crunch, so we’ll have to forgive him for that see-through play for Louis’ vote. Harvey’s second attempt at closing Louis was better — everyone, including Louis, will always wonder if the promotion was earned if he votes for Hardman. But by that token, whatever amends Jessica and Harvey would make before the vote would raise that same question — like if Jessica had given Louis Harvey’s office, which Harvey suggested. Jessica made one hella badass move when she told Louis she wouldn’t do that. If she wins and he doesn’t vote for her, he’s gone. I’m pretty sure I cowered on my sofa the way Louis did ever so slightly in his chair. How do you think that’ll unfold? The finale promo shows Harvey about ready to punch Louis. I can’t wait to see what gets Harvey to that point. My bet: If Louis does vote for Jessica, it will have been Donna that said something that resonated with him. Soft spot.

HARVEY AND DONNA: A friend told me long ago that if a man knows you had feelings for him once, he will always think you “like” him. True? The writers outdid themselves again by succeeding in making me, at least, finally believe Donna doesn’t have romantic feelings for Harvey now, while building the mystery of that moment they could have had long ago. We found out he’s been to her place twice — once for a dinner party and then that time. Theories? Would it be too obvious if we learned in the finale that it was after Donna was the one to tell Harvey that his father died? Is that how Harvey or Donna convinces Mike to put on the brakes? Or will Mike argue the difference is he and Rachel were never just friends in his heart? He’s always wanted something more with her.

DONNA’S CLEAVAGE: She’s been workin’ it all season, but her first-day back ensemble was truly something special.

Your turn.

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