Mandi Bierly
August 17, 2012 AT 08:29 PM EDT

HBO has released two new clips from this Sunday’s episode of True Blood, and one of them fuels the theory that Jason might be getting turned into a vampire. The other explains how the U.S. government is now aware that Russell Edgington is alive(ish) and well. Watch them below.

In a PopWatch poll yesterday, 62 percent of readers said they think Jason, who’s been shown lying in a grave with an apologetic Jessica in the promo, will not die in Sunday’s episode — he’s just unconscious. Seventeen percent said they believe he’ll die but be brought back to life by a fairy stripper (or Sookie), who we’ve been told have powers we haven’t seen before. Twelve percent suspect Jason will die and be turned into a vampire and remain that way. Six percent said he’ll die, be turned into a vampire, and then get turned back into a human by a fairy stripper (or Sookie). And three percent think he’ll die and stay dead. Like, dead-dead.

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