Adam B. Vary
August 20, 2012 AT 08:08 PM EDT

When director Peter Berg told EW earlier this year about offering Rihanna the role of a tough weapons officer in Battleship, he said she had one condition: “She said, ‘I’ll do it, but please you have to promise me you won’t treat me special, you’ll treat me like you would any other actor, you’ll make me work and you won’t go easy on me.'”

But in this exclusive sneak peek at a behind-the-scenes featurette on the Battleship Blu-ray and DVD (out Aug. 28), Rihanna sees it the other way around. As she puts it, it was Berg who “really got me out of the mentality of being a celebrity, or ‘Rihanna.'” Clearly, the two hold a mutual appreciation; be sure to listen for the moment after Rihanna finishes shooting a scene when Berg proclaims, “That’s hoooooooooot!” Check out the clip below:

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