August 21, 2012 at 11:01 PM EDT

Monday we posted an exclusive clip from Key & Peele — featuring “Luther, the Obama Anger Translator” — called “S*** Mitt Romney Doesn’t Say.” EW was on set during the shoot and spoke to MADtv vets Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele about the origin of the Luther character…and a very special “I approve this message” from the president himself.

These guys were hilarious even between takes — and I did stick around for a bunch of ’em. Peele had to stay sane and stoic — he’s the president after all — but Key was improvising the whole time, sometimes leaping in and out of the frame via tuck jumps while generating all-new creative streams of curses. I wouldn’t mind seeing a blooper reel of Keegan-Michael Key “testing the waters” on the ever-changing list of the president’s secret porn fetishes. All in all, my dirtiest professional experience in quite some time.

We can expect much more than the Obama-Luther sketches in season 2, of course. For one thing, “We hit Chris Brown and Rihanna,” the pair teased. Sketches centered on 1st-century Palestine, inner city wizard schools, racist zombies, and LMFAO are sure things.

Comedy Central will roll out more Obama-Luther content online, in conjunction with the real-life presidential campaign, as a leadup to Key & Peele‘s September 26 premiere.

You can watch ALL of Key & Peele‘s original Anger Translator videos here.

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