Stephan Lee
August 22, 2012 AT 06:40 PM EDT

Derek Haas is no stranger to R-ratings, having written for movies like Wanted and 3:10 to Yuma. But it’s pretty rare for a book trailer to get an R-rating. Haas’ new spy thriller The Right Hand (Nov. 13) comes with an effects-heavy clip featuring Medusa-headed, bare-breasted women.

The novel follows three CIA agents: one captured, one on a mission, and one stationed in the U.S. When undercover field agent Blake Nelson disappears while undercover in Russia, fellow agent Austin Clay is called in. The title refers to the secrecy of CIA dealings: sometimes the left hand can’t know what the right hand is doing. As the CIA’s right hand, Clay’s search for Blake Nelson gets complicated once he finds a former nanny, Marika Csontos, who knows confidential Russian secrets. Austin must decide whether to follow orders or defy them in order to discover the corruption that could be taking over the U.S. government.

Check out the lightly NSFW trailer below:

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