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Daniel Day-Lewis in black-and-white for Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln' poster

Just two weeks ago, we got our first close-up look at Daniel Day-Lewis in character in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.

Now comes the first poster for the film, giving a stark black-and-white portrait of Day-Lewis as the 16th U.S. president.

The one-sheet reinforces the remarkable transformation Day-Lewis made for this film, but while the previous image presented Lincoln in a moment of deep thought, this portrait suggests an even more dolorous tone.

Spielberg’s film chronicles the last several months of Lincoln’s life, and this is clearly a weary man.

While the cover of the book that inspired the movie, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Pulitzer-winning Team of Rivals, featured an illustration of Lincoln surrounded by his cabinet, the poster of him with his head aimed low seems to underscore a deep loneliness.

The movie will follow the political wrangling he undertook to close out the Civil War while also ensuring that slavery will forever be outlawed by the Constitution.

Lincoln opens in limited release Nov. 9, and expands nationwide on Nov. 16.

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