Christian Blauvelt
August 23, 2012 AT 08:22 PM EDT

If you think about it, the counter-intuitive notion of Hugh Grant as a high-seas buccaneer is as much a casting masterstroke as Disney’s choice of Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean. Voicing Pirate Captain (yes, that’s his name) in Aardman Animations’ latest claymation romp, Grant comes across like the twitchy Oxbridge-alum cousin of Jack Sparrow. In short, not the kind of pirate whose vocabulary is limited to “Aaargh!”

But ever the self-effacing rake, Grant refuses to take all the credit for his singular creation in a new interview on the Pirates! DVD (out 8/28) alongside Aardman director and professional whimsy-purveyor Peter Lord (Chicken Run).  In the clip, which EW exclusively presents to you after the break, Grant reveals that Lord would initially perform all of the parts himself to give his claymation team points of reference when molding the characters. Check it out:

You gotta love the way Grant stares off for a moment considering his craft before popping in. Also, new rule: all directors must conduct junket interviews while holding a doll of one of their characters.

Did you catch The Pirates! Band of Misfits in theaters. And, if so, do you plan on picking up the DVD?

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