Nicki Minaj strips B.o.B.'s psyche in 'Out of My Mind' video |

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Nicki Minaj plays a stripping psychoanalyist in B.o.B's 'Out of My Mind' video: Watch it here

Nicki Minaj, a doctor, and a stripper: It’s like three Halloween costumes in one!

In the new video for “Out of My Mind,” a bespectacled Dr. Minaj shows up in a white coat to administer a psych evaluation on patient B.o.B – but this isn’t your normal eval! No, it’s the kind that ends with her ripping off her coat and giving the potential loon a lap dance in leopard-print lingerie.

Needless to say, the new B.o.B clip is probably a bit unsafe for work – unless you also work at some sort of sexy mental-health facility, in which case this video will probably just bore you:

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