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August 25, 2012 AT 04:00 AM EDT

True story: I’m so excited for fall TV that I’ve been having dreams about watching season premieres. Seriously. My entire dream is me sitting on the couch, watching TV. Part of me thinks that maybe I’m clairvoyant and all the secrets of the fall season are playing out on Dream Sandra’s TV. The more likely possibility is that I need a real life. (My birthday was last week, and I’m now starting to think I wasted that wish. Damn.)

Regardless, as TV continues to invade my dreams, I encourage you to engage with it in reality by sending me your questions! Email or ask via Twitter @EWSandraG. Belated birthday wishes also accepted. (Just don’t ask for age specifics. I’ll never tell.)


It will take more than one episode for Finch (Michael Emerson) and Reese (Jim Caviezel) to get back to their regular operations following last season’s cliffhanger, which left Finch in the grasp of psycho hacker Root (Amy Acker). And while Finch is away, look for Reese to be doing what Emerson calls, “creatively improvising.”

“For a while in the early going of the new season, [the person of the week stories] will be mixed in with the ongoing backstory of The Machine and of Mr. Finch being unavailable and of Mr. Reese figuring out how to do their usual work single-handedly,” he says.

Considering the first episode is called “The Contingency,” it’s assumed that we learn the back-up plan that Finch had previously mentioned.  But, says Emerson, don’t expect all the details right away. “I don’t know if we see the full-on super emergency system he was alluding to,” he says. “The machine in season 2 gets more important and it becomes more of another character in the storytelling, I would say.”

Tiny bonus scoop: I hear someone’s getting a furry companion.


Did you see this clip? If not, scurry over faster than a Wessen in heat. (Weird.) Meanwhile, I’ll take three of y’all’s most pressing Grimm questions!

I’ll take any scoop on Capt. Renard! — Lisa

Could the Captain be headed to Europe for a family reunion? Well, not any time soon. But Sasha Roiz would certainly be open to the idea. “I don’t know if we have any plans just yet for me to go to Europe. With this show, you never know,” he says. “I know [the family drama] is gonna come to head; it’s gonna have to. So I think it’s gonna be fun to watch how these two brothers eventually have to lock horns.” Let’s hope they do it in Europe! (Also, click here to read our post-mortem with Roiz!)

I think it’s really mean of Nick to keep Hank in the dark letting him think he’s crazy. When’s he going to come clean?!– Sharon

Possibly sooner than you think. But know that he’d only do so if the circumstances absolutely called for it.

Is Juliette going to remember Nick next week? Or is she going to stay this way for a while? — Abby

Well, I’ll tell you this: Next week there’s a heartbreaking scene where Nick tries to jog his love’s memory by showing her pictures. The results are less than promising. (Cue group hug with Nick! – then I kick you out so we can share one alone.)


Thanks to all who reached out via Twitter with their White Collar queries. But one from @Noora7 stood out to me as a great place to deep-dive this week. She asked: “Are we gonna see anymore Sara-Neal? I love them together.”

Well, next week, Noora, Sara returns! But unfortunately for Neal, it’s to deliver a big, ugly truth bomb. “A lot of [the episode] is them trying to define who they are,” says executive producer Jeff Eastin. “She really bursts his bubble. One of my favorite lines is, ‘You know, you left, and, guess what, the world kept turning.’”

Cold, Sara. Cold. But also true. Eastin explains that from Sara’s POV, she really “expected nothing less from [Neal]” and doesn’t hold it against him as a friend. But, he warns, their conversation leaves them with “a sort of uneasy friendship” that will play out for a while.

As for the search for Sara’s sister, the episode doesn’t deliver a great deal of new info, but “we do know the events that happened toward the end of the season with her do involve the sister,” says Eastin.

Next: Scoop on Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Nikita and more!

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