Josh Stillman
August 27, 2012 AT 09:50 PM EDT

Hang on to your suspenders, Masterpiece Theatre fans: this week on Downton Abbey, the boys go commando.

That’s right, Hugh Bonneville, Dan Stevens, and the rest of the male leads weren’t allowed to wear underwear while filming a cricket match for the season’s final episode, the Sun reports.  This, of course, led to rampant foolishness, snickering, tomfoolery, and generally boorish behavior among the cast members.

According to David Robb, who plays Dr. Clarkson, the old-fashioned trousers they were given instead of boxers failed to adequately contain their, um, tea and crumpets: “You just flop and dangle all over the place,” he told the Sun.

Now that kind of dialogue just might liven the show up a bit.

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