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Erin Strecker
August 28, 2012 AT 09:33 PM EDT

Oprah’s Next Chapter is really going there these days, isn’t it?

Fresh off her sobfest with Rihanna about Chris Brown, next up on the new-and-improved Oprah Couch Confessional Tour is Kelsey Grammer, ostensibly agreeing to be interviewed by Oprah about his dicey personal life to promote the new season of his Starz show, Boss.

And if the clip below from the interview is any indication, Oprah went for it,  diving in and saying to Grammer, “Let’s talk about the parts you don’t want to talk about…your ex-wife!”

A fairly relaxed-looking Grammer explained that Camille “always wanted to be famous,” and that was the reason he agreed to the Real Housewives franchise. But don’t believe everything you see on TV (Sorry, Housewives fans). According to Grammer, the idea that he blindsided her with the divorce — as depicted on the show — just isn’t true. “It’s a reality show,” he said. “It’s a show.”

But by far the most shocking takeaway from the clip is Oprah asking Grammer if he crossdresses — something Camille implied to the press. Grammer said he didn’t, but did say, “I’m a very entertaining, complex, guy…I have been very sexually adventurous.”

So good luck scrubbing that from your brain.

Check out the preview video — where he elaborates that he and Camille are far from OK — below:

UPDATE: This post has been corrected to reflect that the episode originally aired Sunday, August 26.

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